Professional Pool Care for Prosper, TX
November 30th - Hey Prosper, Good Morning!
Pool Service Plans designed for
Prosper residents starting at $99/month.

Prosper Repair Technicians for All Pool Needs

Prosper Full Pool Cleaning cleans and maintains hundreds of swimming pools in and around the Prosper area every week. So our pool technicians form the most experienced team available in Texas. Whatever your pool requires, from deep structural deck repairs to light cosmetic fixes to pool equipment malfunctions, we have you covered. We look forward to seeing your pool restored and returned to working order.

For some deeper repair needs such as new plumbing installations, replastering, or resurfacing your pool, we will work together with a pool builder like Blue Science to ensure that your pool is constructed and repaired with longevity and quality performance in mind. One of our partners, Blue Science, has more knowledge of inground pools than any other pool company in North Dallas.

Types of Repairs we do for Prosper Homeowners:

  • Tile or retile chipped and damaged sections of your pool.
  • Correct pool structural leaks.
  • Repair cracked or chipped pool deck surfaces.
  • Detect leaks in your pool.
  • Fix all types of pool equipment: pumps, heaters, auto cleaners, timers, controllers, etc.
  • Hot tub and spa equipment repairs.
  • Waterfall maintenance.
  • Correct pool lighting issues.
  • Detect and fix pool plumbing leaks.
Common repair duties for Prosper pools.

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